ATOMS & CO is complementary to the previous project, « Leonardo Innovation Transfer: Action To Make System – ATOMS « , which was set up between 2013-2015. Indeed, the latter pointed out that family factors were not sufficiently taken into account in the accompaniment of dropout students.

The aim of the ATOMS & Co project, co financed by the programme Erasmus + « Strategic partnership » of the European Commission, is therefore to improve the involvement of families in the school life of their children and to pursue the goal of creating a school drop-in scheme.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Develop and set up a school attachment system centered on the inclusion of families.
  • Define the needs of families and actors in the field through the development of a state places,
  • Promote synergies between family-school-social assistance actors (assistance to youth, public services, etc.) to reduce the risk of students dropping out of school and / or improve their success,
  • Improve the dialogue with families by making more comprehensible the meaning and the stakes of schooling and the functioning of the school system,
  • Develop a transnational device corresponding to the identified needs, test it and adapt it,
  • Outfit the actors in the field to take into account the family factors in the accompaniment of school dropouts.