In the framework of the Atoms&Co project, a « device » was created. It can be adapted to educational contexts of different European countries. It is a common work of the project’s partners which aim is to be fortified in every use.

The device was built in the framework of an Erasmus + project explicitly dedicated to the topic of the fight against school dropout and the how a positive and participatory school/family relation can be a factor of prevention against school dropout.

The participatory construction method of the device was developed within the partnership of the project and with an implication of families and professionals coming from different countries and with different educational systems. They were involved and consulted in some significant phases of the project’s conception, which was thus not developed by a group of experts, but was the result of a complex and articulate path. The work done has allowed to experience best practices, to create tools and approaches, all collected and organised according to a precise educational conception.

The device aims to develop macro objectives which will then be dissected, deeply explored and shared by all the stakeholders involved in all the practical aspects where the relation school-community starts to have particular and specific characteristics:

• Promote an active approach by the school, families and local communities concerning the identification of paths of implication of the families as a decisive factor in the learning and training process of students.
• Promote the active participation of families, particularly those with a less rich social capital, in the education.
• Promote the active role of the school as a place/stakeholder in the development of local communities
• Create places and facilitate processes for the co-planning of interventions with the families, starting by listening and highlighting their perspectives/forces
• Allow to the school community (systematically) to use various tools to actively take care of the problems which make the relation between families and school complex
•Experiment and validate a set of tools to activate the processes of implication of the families and develop bridges to face recurring topics (such as the trust and communication family/school, orientation relating to the learning process and the families’ role, participation of the families in the academic life) considered by the partnership as significant in the school/family relation.


Atoms device in Italian