[:en]Here is a list of document related to thr Erasmus + Project ATOMS&CO :

Rapport final parentalité (Only in French)

Alessandro Tolomelli and Giovanna Guerzoni wrote a book together about school dropouts in Italy,
here is an excerpt from the book (in Italian). Enjoy the reading


On 19/10/2017 the Unibo team organized a focus group with teachers, social workers, educators, local actors to analyze representations, experiences, practices and critical aspects of the school-family relationship. The focus group was an opportunity to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience between members of the local network, to stimulate a critical reflection on the engagement of families in the school life, to reflect on some particular practices that could “to make system”.

Here is the document : The UNIBO Team Report

They also had a focus group with families on 29 November 2017.
Here is the document :

Focus grp Italy

The focus group belge took place on 11th January 2018 from 5 to 7.There were 9 families present during this focus group. To facilitate communication, we divided the participants into three tables with, for each, a ‘facilitator’. Every 15-20min, the participants mixed and changed tables and the facilitator summarized what had been said in the previous group and then the conversation started again. It had been decided to separate the youngest children in a separate room and to make an animation with them so that they could also express themselves around the theme of school. Young teens and children who wished could stay with their parents and participate in discussion tables.

Below is a summary of the main points heard during the conversation tables.

rapport focus group Belge (Long version, only in French)

Focus group Belgium summary[:]